Terry Pratchett Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Carpet People (juvenilia) 1971

The Dark Side of the Sun (novel) 1976

Strata (novel) 1981

*The Colour of Magic (novel) 1983

*The Light Fantastic (novel) 1986

*Equal Rites (novel) 1987

*Mort (novel) 1987

*Sourcery (novel) 1988

*Wyrd Sisters (novel) 1988

*Guards! Guards! (novel) 1989

*Pyramids: The Book of Going Forth (novel) 1989

Truckers (juvenilia) 1989

The Unadulterated Cat [illustrations by Joliffe Gray] (juvenilia) 1989

Diggers (juvenilia) 1990

*Eric (novella) 1990

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch [with Neil Gaiman] (novel) 1990

*Moving Pictures (novel) 1990

Wings (juvenilia) 1990

*Reaper Man (novel) 1991

*Witches Abroad (novel) 1991

*Lords and Ladies (novel) 1992

Only You Can Save Mankind (juvenilia) 1992

*Small Gods (novel) 1992

Johnny and the Dead (juvenilia) 1993

*Men at Arms (novel) 1993

*Interesting Times: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1994

*Soul Music: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1994

*Maskerade: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1995

*Feet of Clay: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1996

*Hogfather: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1996

Johnny and the Bomb (juvenilia) 1996

*Jingo: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1997

*Carpe Jugulum (novel) 1998

*The Last Continent: A Novel of Discworld (novel) 1998

*The Fifth Elephant (novel) 1999

The Science of Discworld [with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen] (nonfiction) 1999

*The Truth (novel) 2000

*The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (juvenilia) 2001

*The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable [illustrations by Paul Kidby] (novel) 2001

*Thief of Time (novel) 2001

*Night Watch (novel) 2002

*Monstrous Regiment (novel) 2003

*The Wee Free Men (juvenilia) 2003

*Going Postal (novel) 2004

*A Hat Full of Sky (juvenilia) 2004

*Part of the Discworld series.

†Part of the “Bromeliad” trilogy.

‡Part of the “Johnny Maxwell” trilogy.