Terry Gilliam

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Grenier, Richard. “Hollywood's Holy Grail.” Commentary 92, No. 5 (November 1991): 50–3.

A discussion of The Fisher King, the legend of King Arthur, and the film's attempt to address spiritual matters.

Mathews, Jack. “Earth to Gilliam.” American Film 14, No. 5 (March 1989): 34–9, 57–8.

Describes the difficulties that Gilliam faces trying to capture his wild fantasies on film.

Rushdie, Salman. “The Location of Brazil.American Film 10, No. 10 (September 1985): 50–3.

Rushdie, a critically-lauded Anglo-Indian novelist, discusses the imaginative modern world envisioned in Brazil.

Additional coverage of Gilliam's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Authors and Artists for Young Adults, Vol. 19; Contemporary Authors, Vols. 108 and 113; and Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vol. 35.

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