Term Limits

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Michael O’Rourke thinks he knows who killed two senators and two congressmen but keeps quiet because the maverick freshman congressman is in sympathy with the assassins. He feels that the reckless deficit spending of those lawmakers and others like them is bankrupting the country and that only the equivalent of another American Revolution can compel radical reform. Yet when his conservative mentor Senator Olson is killed by a bomb, O’Rourke has to get involved. He teams up with retired Navy SEAL international hit man Scott Coleman, who directed the first four assassinations, to identify recent copycat killings. Hounded by both the FBI and the CIA, their investigation leads them straight into the White House for a showdown with the nation’s president and his two senior advisers.

There is minimal feminine interest in the super-macho TERM LIMITS, but author Vince Flynn provides a small role for a female FBI agent and another for a sharp female reporter who has an intimate relationship with Congressman O’Rourke.

This is Flynn’s first novel, but he writes with considerable authority. He seems to know all about military technology and covert military tactics. Readers who relish hair-raising violence of the Robert Ludlum school will enjoy Flynn’s novel if they are not too demanding about characterization. It is hard to sympathize with Flynn’s two daredevil heroes, O’Rourke and Coleman, who sincerely believe that killing politicians is the way to solve America’s economic problems.