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F. Scott Fitzgerald was part of a group of writers known as the “Lost Generation.” Research the origin of that term and the writers who were included. What did the writers have in common with one another? What made them “lost?”

Tender Is the Night was published in 1934, nine years after Fitzgerald’s previous book, The Great Gatsby, was published. Research some of the events that transpired in the United States and Europe in those nine years. What effects did those changes have on the critical reception of Tender Is the Night? Do you think readers would have responded to the book differently had it been published in 1928? What would have been the differences in their response?

The title of Tender Is the Night comes from the John Keats poem “Ode to a Nightingale.” Analyze Keats’s poem, and explain why Fitzgerald quoted from this poem for his title. What does the title mean? Are there any thematic similarities between the Keats poem and Tender Is the Night?

Many readers view Tender Is the Night as Fitzgerald’s most autobiographical novel. Some see Dick and Nicole Diver as being Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, whereas others believe Fitzgerald intended Albert McKisco and his wife to represent himself and Zelda. Research the life of the Fitzgeralds. Who do you think are most representative of the Fitzgeralds in the book? Why?

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