Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 5 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 5 Summary

As Jude’s pot stash runs out, he becomes desperate for drugs. Kram and Delph still come over but refuse to give Jude any more pot despite his repeated begging. One night Jude sneaks out of his room while Prudence and Harriet are having dinner and steals twenty-eight dollars from Prudence’s purse. He goes back to his bedroom, opens the window, and climbs down the fire escape. He goes out to find Hippie, a drug-dealing associate of Tory Ventura’s. The pot he buys from Hippie lasts two days, and after that Prudence and Harriet are vigilant about locking up their money.

Lying in bed with nothing to do and no pot to smoke, Jude thinks about Eliza and Teddy. He wonders where the cocaine found in Teddy’s system originated, since the boys had never encountered the drug in Vermont before.

Two days after he runs out of pot, Jude sneaks over to Hippie’s house while the drug dealer is out. He breaks into this house and steals a gallon-sized bag of pot. Coming back through the window, however, Jude discovers Harriet waiting for him. Harriet says she is glad Jude is finally leaving his room and notices the bulge in his pocket caused by the bag of pot. Jude hides the pot and takes a shower, but when he gets out the pot is gone; Harriet has taken the drugs and flushed them down the toilet.

The next day Delph comes over and says that Hippie is looking for Jude. Delph says he threw Hippie off his trail but it can’t be long before Jude is confronted by Hippie or his associate, Tory.

A few days later Jude is shocked to have a visit from his father Les, who he hasn’t seen in seven years. Les says that he heard from Harriet that Jude was having a hard time, and he suggests Jude move to New York and live with him. Les spends the day with Jude, neglecting Prudence and Harriet, going out for hamburgers and playing video games in Jude’s bedroom. Jude says that he will go to New York only if Les doesn’t make him go to school. Les agrees to this but suggests they keep it from Harriet and says that Jude will have to find a job instead. Getting ready to go, Jude goes into the bathroom and shaves for the first time. As he shaves his face, he decides to keep going and ultimately shaves his head bald.