Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 24 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 24 Summary

Jude looks out across Central Park from the inside of Mount Sinai hospital. He’s in a hallway waiting while Eliza gives birth to her baby. Jude thinks that it is a coincidence, but not a very big one, that this child is being born in the same hospital where he was born, to the alcoholic teenager who gave him up for adoption to Les and Harriet.

He goes down with Di to look at the newborns at the nursery. Di has been more relaxed since she successfully gained an annulment of the marriage between Johnny and Eliza on the account that it was never consummated. Plus, Ravi has dropped his adoption lawsuit, writing that he and his wife have decided to adopt a child from India. Jude hasn’t heard anything from Johnny, who has...

(The entire section is 504 words.)