Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 22 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 22 Summary

Jude goes back to Les’s apartment, where his father is smoking pot from his newest bong. Les asks Jude if he wants some. For a moment Jude considers it but in the end refuses.

The next morning Jude calls Ravi at his hotel and asks to have breakfast with him. Meeting at a café downstairs, Ravi tells Jude about his determined search for Teddy and explains that after Bonnie (Queen Bea) found out he was cheating on her, she deserted him with Teddy as a means of enacting revenge. He says that Teddy was like a pawn to Bonnie, that she used him as an instrument of her anger.

Jude wonders why Bonnie left Teddy at New Year’s, and Ravi speculates that it was because she feared that Teddy would find Ravi and that she would be arrested for kidnapping. Jude takes out a picture he has of Teddy and gives to Ravi, who is glad to receive it since he has never seen a picture of his son as a teenager.

Ravi asks Jude why Eliza won’t let him adopt her baby. Jude explains that after discovering that Johnny has been manipulating her simply to get to Teddy’s child, she doesn’t want that to happen again. She wants to give her baby to someone who wants a baby, not to someone who simply wants to bring Teddy back to life.

But Ravi is unswayed by this explanation. He promises Jude that if Eliza doesn’t allow him to adopt the child, he will report her drug use to the authorities in hopes of proving that she’s unfit to be a mother or make decisions on the child’s behalf.

Leaving breakfast Jude goes to Rooster’s apartment in search of Johnny. Johnny isn’t home, though; Rooster is the only person there. Rooster and Jude have an argument about Johnny, Teddy, and Eliza. Rooster calls Jude homophobic, and Jude threatens to tell everyone about Johnny and Rooster’s secret relationship. Finally they come to a resolution, and Rooster tells Jude that Johnny has been carrying around Teddy’s ashes in his duffel bag. Jude asks Rooster to tell Johnny to convince Ravi to back off, and Rooster says that Johnny will soon have bigger things to worry about, intimating that Johnny has AIDS too although Jude doesn’t understand this cryptic statement.

Jude goes back to Les’s apartment and calls Eliza. He tells her he’s leaving the city for Vermont, just for a few days. He asks her to come with her, and she warily agrees.