Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 21 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 21 Summary

Eliza wakes up in the hospital, to the sight of Les, her mother, Johnny, and Jude sitting at her bedside. The first question she asks after she comes to is “Is the baby okay?” Di says that the baby is fine, that the heart rate was up for a while but now it’s stable. Di says that she was hit in the head the previous night by a police officer and that she has a concussion. Jude and Johnny are bruised and battered but fine. Di says that they had to cut away part of Eliza’s hair in order to stitch up her gash.

The men leave, and Eliza is left alone with her mother. Di tells her about how hard she’s looked for her, and how glad she is to finally find her. Eliza tells her that Johnny is not the father.

At the same moment outside the room, Jude tells Les the same thing. Les is not too surprised, saying that he never believed Johnny. Jude and Les talk about Eliza, and Jude reveals his feelings for her. Les points out to Jude that they are still young yet, that there is a still chance for them. Les tells Jude that Harriet has fallen for the private investigator Di sent to Vermont to find Eliza, and Jude is happy to hear that his mother is in a relationship. Jude asks Les about him and Di, but Les says that they are not getting back together.

Jude returns to Les’s old apartment, which they share with the former drug dealer. Les has decided to move back to New York now that he and Di have resolved their disagreement and he knows she isn’t going to give him up to the police.

One afternoon Jude goes up to visit Eliza. Eliza tells Jude how she used to wish that he had married her instead of Johnny, and Jude says that he used to wish the same thing. Eliza shows Jude her stitches, and the part of her scalp where they shaved her head. She then decides to shave the rest of her head, which Jude performs. Afterwards Eliza notes that they look like twins now.

There is a knock at the door, and it’s Johnny, followed by Ravi Milan. Johnny explains that Ravi is Teddy’s father and that he is a lawyer. Eliza begins to berate Johnny for being unfaithful to her, for being manipulative and dishonest. Ravi interrupts her and tries to show her the adoption form, which requests that he and his wife be allowed to adopt the child.

Eliza screams in protest, just as Neena walks into the apartment.