Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 2 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 2 Summary

On her way from a skiing trip in Stowe to her home in New York City, Eliza stops in Lintonburg, Vermont to meet two people she has heard about for some time but never actually met: Jude Keffy-Horn and his sister Prudence. For the past eight years Eliza has had a close relationship with Jude’s father, Les, who is dating her mother. Eliza thinks Les wants to reconnect with his children but he is too scared to do so.

Eliza is met at the train station by Jude and Teddy. Eliza is initially disappointed that she won’t get to meet Prudence but decides perhaps it is for the best since she gets along better with boys than with other girls. The three of them go to Ben and Jerry’s, where they talk about music. Eliza is a fan of the same underground bands as Teddy and Jude—and Les. Eliza tells Jude that she thinks Les wants to see him again, but Jude is dismissive of being reunited with his father. Teddy presses Jude to consider what Eliza is saying, but Jude refuses.

After Ben and Jerry’s they go out to the New Year’s Eve party where Jude hopes to meet up with Delph and Kram. The party’s host is a wealthy kid from school named Tory Ventura who often picks on Jude and Teddy, calling them “freaks.” When they get to the party, they don’t see their friends anywhere. Eliza goes off to look for beer and the boys run into Tory. Tory asks Jude and Teddy what they are doing at his party, and Jude responds with a rude comment. Before Tory and his friends can beat them up, Jude and Teddy run out the front door and take refuge in an unlocked car.

Later Teddy finds Eliza in a bathroom, where the keg of beer is located. After the keg is finished, Teddy and Eliza are left alone in the bathroom, the lights turned out. Teddy asks Eliza to deliver a message for him to his brother in New York. They talk for a while, then make out. Eliza shares some of her cocaine with Teddy. Eliza proposes that Jude and Teddy come with her back to...

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