Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 19 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 19 Summary

Eliza invites everyone to live with her at Di’s luxurious apartment. Johnny takes the servant Neena’s room, Jude sleeps in the master bedroom, and Eliza sleeps in her old room. Kram and Delph and the other guys spend their days roaming around the city, Johnny spends time with Rooster, and Jude and Eliza are left to themselves.

Tensions are heating up in Tompkins Square Park, the locus of Johnny’s old neighborhood, between the police and the homeless. High-end real estate developers are moving into the area, and the authorities are being forced to push out the vagrants who have called the park home for years. Johnny is stirred by what he sees as the inherent injustice of this situation, as the people who have...

(The entire section is 543 words.)