Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 18 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 18 Summary

For fifteen years Ravi Milan has waited every day to hear from son Teddy, who he knows as Eddy. But one days he receives a letter not from Teddy but from Teddy’s brother Johnny, informing him of Teddy’s death. Ravi has a new wife and is a divorce attorney now, but he has no children and willingly meets with Johnny when he is passing through Miami with the Green Mountain Boys.

Ravi shows Johnny some mementos he has kept from the period when he lived with Queen Bea, who was known as Bonnie then, and the young boy Teddy. Ravi tells him how he was harried by the authorities after they left. He eventually became so frustrated with the work of the attorneys he hired that he became one himself.

Johnny tells Ravi about the band, about touring, about his devotion to straight edge culture and the religion of Hare Krishna, which Ravi can identify with since he is Hindu. Johnny then tells Ravi of one last bit of important news: Ravi is going to be a grandfather. He explains the situation with Eliza, and how he and Eliza are going to raise the child as their own. Ravi is ecstatic. He has never had any children besides Teddy, and he sees how this child can serve as the child has always wanted. He advises Johnny on acquiring legal protection for himself and child, in case Eliza decides to flee. He also gives Johnny a wad of cash.

Besides Rooster, Johnny doesn’t tell anyone about meeting Ravi. Rooster, calling from New York, implores Johnny to cancel the tour and return to the city. Johnny decides Rooster is right. He tells the band that the next show on their tour has been cancelled, and they are returning to New York. Initially everyone scoffs at Johnny’s plan, but, exhausted from the touring lifestyle, they eventually give in.

Once they return to New York, Eliza goes to the neighborhood where her mom lives. She doesn’t want to go home, but she does want to see it. She runs into Neena, her mother’s maid, in the market. Neena barely recognizes her because of the pregnancy. Neena tells her that her mother has gone to Chicago looking for her and won’t be back for a while. Hearing this news, Eliza decides to go home after all and live in the apartment until her mother returns.