Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 15 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 15 Summary

Even as Jude and his friends are finding meaning and fulfillment in following the straight-edge way, Eliza looses herself in loneliness and sadness. She misses Johnny, misses her mother, at times even misses the slavish attention Jude used to shower on her. Harriet is the only person who looks after Eliza. She wakes up Eliza after she has been sleeping all day and encourages her to eat lunch.

Buoyed by the news that he doesn’t have AIDS, Johnny starts to think of his next move. More and more he thinks about Teddy, and Teddy’s baby. Johnny starts to believe that Teddy would want him to do the thing he always wanted to do himself and track down his father. Even though all Johnny can remember is the man’s name, Ravi, he decides to find the man and after tracking down Teddy’s birth certificate, he discovers the man’s full name, Ravi Milan.

Meanwhile back in Lintonburg, Jude is determined to close out his last act of revenge by getting back at Tory Ventura. One of Jude’s straight-edge friends who still goes to high school learns about Tory’s plans to throw a party the upcoming weekend. Jude and friends decide to ambush Tory on his way home from school, before he arrives at his party.

Wearing ski masks and carrying baseball bats, Jude and his friends follow Tory as he takes his girlfriend to a secluded area for a romantic rendezvous. They hide in the back of his car and when Tory comes back, they jump him and throw him the back of Les’s van. After beating Tory mercilessly, they throw him back in his car and speed away.

That night Prudence comes home upset because Jude has made her an outcast at school because of his actions. At first Jude can’t believe that anyone knows he was the one to beat up Tory, but Prudence points out that Tory’s girlfriend saw Les’s van. Prudence then says that Tory is in the hospital, with some broken bones and a concussion, but that he will live.

A wave of guilt and confusion comes over Jude because he realizes that he’s misplaced his sorrow over Teddy’s death into anger at Tory and Hippie. He then becomes fearful of what will happen when word gets around that he’s the one responsible for Tory’s injuries. He goes to Teddy’s old house to think things over. When he returns, he goes to Prudence’s bedroom and finds Eliza hiding behind a curtain and smoking a joint.