Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 13 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 13 Summary

The Champlain Recreation Center in Lintonburg is the site of the first concert by the Green Mountain Boys, the name Jude and his friends have chosen for their band. Johnny has been able to convince his old band, Army of One, as well as another band from New York called Phrog, to come up to Vermont to perform. It is the first straight edge show in Lintonburg and lots of kids from the city and surrounding areas show up, giving their five dollars to Eliza who sits at the front door.

In order to avoid detection by Hippie or Tory, who don’t know that he’s returned to town, Jude wears a plastic Ronald Reagan mask during the concert. With Johnny on guitar, Kram on drums, Delph on bass, and Jude singing and playing guitar,...

(The entire section is 523 words.)