Ten Thousand Saints Chapter 12 Summary

Eleanor Henderson

Chapter 12 Summary

Kram, Delph, Johnny, and Jude start rehearsing in Harriet’s basement. They play the fast raucous kind of hardcore played by Army of One. Occasionally Eliza comes down to the basement to listen. Jude subtly works on convincing his old friends into becoming straight edge. They’re already reformed significantly since New Year’s, with Delph quitting drug dealing and Kram cleaning up his life, so the work is not that difficult. When Jude tries to make a speech about becoming straight edge, Kram changes the subject by offering up a different idea. He suggests the band put on a show.

Jude also hasn’t forgotten what Hippie and Tory did to Harriet’s studio. He continually thinks about what he can do to get them back, and he worries about his ability to hold his own in a fight considering he’s never really been in one before. Johnny, though, thinks Jude should hold off on his vengeance. The reason for Hippie’s vandalism, after all, was because Jude stole the pot from Hippie’s house. Getting involved in a fight with drug dealers isn’t something Johnny believes a true straight edge would do. But Jude refuses to see Johnny’s point, telling him only to stay out of it.

Before sending Jude to Vermont, Les had given him five hundred dollars in cash and told him to give it to Hippie in order to settle the debt from the stolen pot. But instead of paying Hippie back, Jude takes the money and buys a new guitar, a Les Paul Gibson in gold.

Meanwhile Harriet forges a connection with Eliza. She can’t help but connect Eliza to the sixteen year old who gave birth to Jude. Harriet used to fear the return of Jude’s mother, but once she learned that the woman had drank while pregnant, her fears have subsided. Now Harriet fears that Eliza’s mother will come for her. She has heard from Les that Di has hired a private investigator to find Eliza. The P.I. found Les in Santa Fe, but Les was able to bribe him into staying away from Vermont.

One day Harriet finds Eliza crying, saying that she misses her mother. Eliza is hurt that her mother doesn’t seem to be looking for her. Harriet says that in fact her mother is looking for her, and asks Eliza if she wants to call Di. But Eliza says she does not. Prudence becomes more and more distant, often spending nights out and all but ceding her bedroom to Eliza, who is growing closer to Harriet even as her relationship with Johnny stalls.