The Tempest Act V, Scene 1, lines 1-87 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act V, Scene 1, lines 1-87 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. In what way is Shakespeare observing the Aristotelian unity of time?

2. Where has Ariel left the members of the royal party?

3. What is the emotional condition of the king and his followers?

4. What does Prospero decide to do about the royal party?

5. Why does Prospero call on his elves and fairies?

6. What does Prospero intend to do with his magic staff and book?

7. Why does Prospero give up his magic?

8. Why do the king and his royal party stand in a circle?

9. What does Prospero tell Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio after the magic spell wears off?

10. What does Prospero do with his magic robe after he forgives his enemies?

1. The action of the play takes place within the timespan of one day.

2. Ariel has left the royal party imprisoned in a grove of trees next to Prospero’s cell.

3. Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio are distraught and the others are mourning for them.

4. Prospero intends to forgive the “three men of sin” if they are penitent.

5. Prospero calls on his elves and fairies to bring on some music for his next magical project.

6. Prospero will break his staff and throw his book into the sea.

7. Prospero’s magic has accomplished its purpose of bringing his enemies to repentance and regaining his dukedom in Milan.

8. Prospero’s magic circle keeps the king and his royal party spellbound.

9. Prospero tells the three men that they are forgiven for all their evil deeds.

10. Prospero removes his magic robe to present himself as the former Duke of Milan.