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Act III, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does the royal party stop to rest during their search for Ferdinand?

2. What do Sebastian and Antonio plan to do that night?

3. What do Ariel’s spirits bring onto the stage?

4. What does Ariel do when he arrives on the stage?

5. Who does Ariel address in his speech?

6. What does Ariel warn them about in his speech?

7. What does Ariel mean by “heart’s sorrow”?

8. What is meant when Ariel refers to “a clear life ensuing”?

9. In what condition are the three men when Prospero leaves them?

10. What does Alonso intend to do by the end of this scene?

1. Gonzalo, the oldest, suffers from exhaustion, and Alonso feels tired and discouraged in his hopeless search for his son.


(The entire section is 242 words.)