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Act I, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who was in charge of the ship during the storm at sea?

2. Why did Alonso, the king, interfere with the Boatswain’s work in securing the ship during the storm?

3. Where did the Boatswain tell the king and his courtiers to go?

4. Who were the first to go to their cabins below the top deck?

5. What joke does Gonzalo tell concerning the Boatswain?

6. How does this joke affect the rest of the passengers and crew?

7. How do Sebastian and Antonio react to the Boatswain?

8. How does the Boatswain respond to Sebastian’s and Antonio’s insulting remarks?

9. How does Antonio decide to die in the storm at sea?

10. How loyal is Sebastian to his brother, the king?

1. The Ship–master was in charge of the...

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