Alonso (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is the king of Naples and the father of Ferdinand. King Alonso, his son, and his courtiers get caught in the tempest on their way home...

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Antonio (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is the current duke of Milan and the treacherous brother of Prospero, the former duke of Milan. At the beginning of the play, Prospero...

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Ariel (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is a spirit of the air. In I.ii.250-93, we learn that Ariel was once the servant of Sycorax, a wicked sorceress who had imprisoned the...

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Caliban (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Described in the character list as "a savage and deformed slave," Caliban is the son of Sycorax, an evil witch who has since died but who...

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Ferdinand (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is the son and heir of King Alonso of Naples. Ferdinand is the first to leap overboard during the tempest; and in keeping with Prospero's...

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Gonzalo (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is an honest and trusted advisor to King Alonso of Naples. In I.ii.160-68, we learn that twelve years ago, when Prospero was usurped and...

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Miranda (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

She is the daughter of Prospero, the usurped duke of Milan. Miranda, who is approximately fifteen years old, makes her first appearance in...

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Prospero (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is the usurped duke of Milan and the father of Miranda, as well as a powerful magician. Prospero is responsible for the tempest which...

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Other Characters (Descriptions)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is a lord attending King Alonso of Naples and a minor character in the play. After the tempest, Adrian is washed...

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