The Tempest Act V, Scene 1, lines 1-87 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act V, Scene 1, lines 1-87 Summary and Analysis

Act V opens with Prospero’s declaration that the final resolution of his project is at hand. Ariel informs him the time is approaching the sixth hour when Prospero had promised their work would end. Ariel apprises him of the condition of the king and his followers, reporting that they are still confined, by Prospero’s magic, to the grove of trees that acts as a windbreak to his cell. Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio are completely distraught and the rest, particularly Gonzalo, can do nothing but mourn for them. Ariel is sure Prospero would sympathize with them in their afflictions if he could see them now. Prospero concedes that if Ariel, who is only air, has even a hint of feeling for them, surely he, who is...

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