The Tempest Act V, Scene 1, 172-255 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act V, Scene 1, 172-255 Summary and Analysis

As Prospero pulls aside the curtain to the opening of his cave, he discloses Ferdinand and Miranda pretending to play chess but engaging in a lovers’ conversation instead. Alonso thinks they are a vision of the island, and even Sebastian sees it as a “most high miracle” that Ferdinand has at last been found. When Ferdinand sees his father alive, he realizes that the threatening sea is merciful after all. Miranda is impressed with the handsome men of the royal court who come from the “brave new world” that she and Ferdinand will soon inhabit. Prospero simply replies that all this is new to her.

Alonso then inquires about Miranda whom Ferdinand could not have known for more than three hours....

(The entire section is 974 words.)