The Tempest Act III, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

The king and his royal party, still searching for Alonso’s son, are completely exhausted. Gonzalo suggests that they sit down to rest since his old aching bones cannot go any farther. Having lost hope that his son is alive, Alonso too has become weary and decides to rest. Antonio and Sebastian quickly catch Alonso’s mood of despair and decide to use it to their advantage. In hushed tones they conspire to murder the king that same night when he and Gonzalo, tired and filled with sorrow, will not be as vigilant as usual.

Prospero appears, invisible, to the tune of “solemn and strange music.” Several of Ariel’s spirits enter with a banquet, and dance around it. They invite the king to partake...

(The entire section is 1257 words.)