The Tempest Act III, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo are now quite drunk, and they are concerned about what they will do when they run out of wine. Stephano announces that they will simply “drink water” when the time comes, but not a minute before. Stephano relishes the attentions from Caliban, his servant-monster, and Trinculo ridicules both of them, reasoning that if their group represents three out of the five people on the island, and the intellect of the other two is as low as theirs, the island government must be on the verge of collapse. Ignoring Trinculo’s remark, Stephano continues to focus his thoughts on Caliban, proclaiming that, when he becomes king, he will either appoint the monster as his lieutenant or his...

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