The Tempest Act II, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act II, Scene 2 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Trinculo: the king’s jester; companion to Stephano

Stephano: the king’s drunken butler; Caliban worships him as lord of the island

Amidst the noise of thunder, Caliban enters, burdened with wood he is carrying for Prospero, who has enslaved him to his service. Cursing Prospero for the way he is being treated, Caliban delivers a long blustering diatribe describing his torment. When Trinculo enters, Caliban mistakes him for another spirit who has been sent by Prospero to torture him further. Trinculo is wandering around, trying to find shelter from the storm that is brewing when he stumbles onto Caliban. Thinking he has run across a fish-like monster, he...

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