Tell Me Your Dreams Summary
by Sidney Sheldon

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Tell Me Your Dreams

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Sidney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams introduces three very different women at the onset of the novel. Introduced first is Ashley Peterson, a beautiful young woman who works for a computer company in Silicon Valley. Ashley is single and convinced she is being stalked. Readers next meet Ashley’s co-workers, Toni and Alette. Toni Prescott, a British woman in her early twenties is rather bold and striking. Rounding out the trio is Alette Peters, a quiet, dreamy romantic who moved to California from Rome. In the early stages of the novel, quite a few murders are committed and police in Chicago, San Francisco, and Quebec are desperate to solve the gruesome crimes that have taken place in each of their cities. Conclusive evidence points to one suspect and one suspect alone.

As the story develops, the reader learns why Ashley feels so alone in the world. She is the only child of a world-famous heart surgeon, who is often critical and overbearing. Although Ashley loves her father, she does not necessarily love his company and tries to avoid him. Toni is a provocateur with a penchant for song who suffered a strained relationship with her mother. Alette is a gifted artist who lacks self-confidence. As the novel draws to a conclusion, Ashley, Toni, and Alette are proven to be one in the same.

The reader will not be disappointed with Sheldon’s storytelling upon finishing this book. Sheldon provides a fascinating and precise examination of the different aspects of multiple personality disorder through the characters of Ashley, Toni, and Alette. He expertly draws the reader into his story, just as a fly is drawn into a spider’s web. Although this novel was a great effort, it is not one of Sheldon’s best—as portions of the plot are predictable. Sheldon’s ending, however, does have some panache.