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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In the preface to TECUMSEH: A LIFE, John Sugden writes that while Tecumseh may be one of the most famous of all Native Americans, his life is one shrouded in mystery. Through careful research and thorough evaluation of his sources, Sugden attempts to remove some of the mystery surrounding Tecumseh. Writing in a style that is at once accessible, academic, and interesting, Sugden follows the life of Tecumseh from his birth, c. 1768, to his death at the Battle of Moraviantown in 1813.

Sugden succinctly identifies the three major threads that joined together to create Tecumseh’s moment in history. First, the ongoing encroachment of Indian lands by white settlers incited fear and resistance among Native Americans. Second, catastrophic epidemics sweeping Indian communities pushed Native Americans toward a religious revival led by Tecumseh’s brother. Finally, the growing tensions between the governments of the young United States and Great Britain offered Tecumseh the chance to lead an inter-tribal group of Indians against...

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