illustration of a car crash, a grave, empty liquor bottles, a basketball, and a young man crying

Tears of a Tiger

by Sharon M. Draper

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What does the newspaper article report in the first chapter of Tears of a Tiger?

Expert Answers

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Under the heading Teen Basketball Star Killed in Fiery Crash, the newspaper report sets out the details relating to Robbie's tragic death. It says that Robert Washington, 17, captain of the Hazlewood High School basketball team, was killed in a fiery automobile accident on I-75. The report goes on to say that the car was driven by Andrew Jackson, 17, whom police say was drinking. He's been treated at the Good Samaritan Hospital for burns and bruises. Two other passengers in the car, B. J. Carson, 16, and Tyrone Mills, 17, were also treated at the hospital, but have since been released.

According to the newspaper report, the three passengers who escaped serious injury managed to jump out of the car immediately after the accident. Robbie, however, had his feet on the dashboard, so that at the moment of impact they went through the windshield, pinning him inside the car. The car's gas tank then exploded, and despite Andrew's best efforts to save Robbie, he and his friends could only watch in horror as Robbie burned to death.

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