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What are the benefits of reading for students?

Expert Answers

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I'm no scientist or psychologist, but as an English teacher and an avid reader, I think I can answer from my own personal point of view that there is an abundance of benefits to reading.

First, from a young age, it promotes cognitive developement. In other words, it helps the brain develop. From my experience, they younger a person starts to read, the better they will be at not only reading, but thinking in general when they are older. Any kind of activity which requires you to think is good exercise for your brain- and reading does just that!

Another benefit of reading is to help spelling and vocabulary skills. A big part of knowing how to spell and knowing what words mean is by memorizing them. Some words can be sounded out, but that doesn't always work. The more you read, the more words you memorize. Beyond that, you understand what new words mean because you use context clues. When you read, you absorb words and expand your vocabulary, most of the time without even realizing it.

Reading also, in many cases, helps us to learn information. Though fiction is not typically based on true events, there are still many real things present in those books. Even better, when we read historical fiction or non-fiction, we learn a great amount of new information. Some of the most famous people in history have taught themselves using books because they did not have the access to the education they needed.

In my experience, reading reduces stress and anxiety. It allows me to escape from whatever worries may be going on in my world and immerse myself in someone else's world.

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