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How can I explain to my teacher that I lost my interim?

I lost my interim and its due Monday and when I tell my teacher I'm afraid she might yell at me and I hate getting yelled at cause im a sensitive person, and she is very strict and mean and she yells every day in class. I need help?

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I believe that the first answer to your question covers almost everything you want to know.  However, you don't say when you lost it, if it was on the computer and you could somehow not recover it, if you are a high school or college student, if you have lost  an assignment before in this class, and if you have ever approached your teacher before for help or a discussion of an assignment.  I would encourage you to rewrite the assignment or at least part of it to show good faith that you are trying to get it done even though you lost it.  As a post-grad student, I once had to rewrite a 20 page paper in one day as I too had lost it and knew it would not be acceptable to turn it in late.  Needless to say, I got no sleep until it was turned in, and I never again lost an assignment as I always made two copies immediately which helped enormously.  I wish you good luck, and know that once can be an accident but twice is a pattern you don't want to acquire.

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You are certainly in a difficult situation.  My first suggestion is to try to talk to a classmate and see if you can get the directions for the assignment, if possible.  You can also make a copy if it is something that has to be completed on the paper.  Even if your classmate has done the work you can make a copy and blank out those answers.

If you had approached the teacher earlier, you would have had a better chance.  Many teachers get frustrated when students wait until the last minute.  I know you think your teacher is mean, but try to put yourself in her shoes.  Being a teacher is difficult, and many kids are disrespectful.  Your teacher might see you losing the assignment as disrespectful.

When you do approach your teacher, you need to be very careful about how you do it.  Make sure you approach your teacher alone at a time that is not busy.  Early before school or on a break is the best time.  What you do not want to do is confront the teacher during class.  This will only irritate her.

Second, be respectful.  Be sincere and honest, and explain that you feel bad about being irresponsible.  You really want to do the assignment, and you regret the mistake you made.  Ask for additional time, and tell your teacher you understand that there will probably be a penalty.  Explain that you learned your lesson, and you will make every effort to not let it happen again.

I have included a link to tips for talking to teachers.  Remember, your teacher is a human being!

If you are respectful and sincere, things will go much better for you.  Good luck!

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