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Give me tips on how to make an EFL classroom work effectively.

An Effective EFL Classroom Teacher or any language.
 As a teacher, how to be an effective classroom with a foreign language teacher?
 Give me tips to make classroom effective?

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One thing that makes any classroom more effective is to provide activities that keep the students engaged and interested. A student will always remember more and learn more of what they do than of what they are told.

I would suggest making students talk or write in English as much as possible. Activities where students can pair off and take turns speaking to one another in ways that support the curriculum, known commonly as Think-Pair-Share activities, are one way to do this. This link explains how to do these activities, and also has suggestions (scroll down) for adapting the activity for different subject areas.

For writing, having students do a lot of short informal writings would be a good idea. Perhaps they can keep a personal journal which they have some time to write in every day. A Response Journal can be used to encourage students to think about something they have read or listened to. Or students can be given a writing prompt like the ones on this list, and asked to write for five or ten minutes. Such writings are low-pressure, and give the student a chance to communicate with the instructor in a low-risk way.

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Foreign language classes can be especially fun when games are played. Here's a vocabulary game that you can play with anyone to help them learn nouns.

Object: Don't get tagged or you will be "it". You don't want to be the one in the middle having to tag others.

Set-up: Seat students in a circle with their knees facing the middle. One person stands in the middle of the circle ready with a rolled-up newspaper or swimming noodle (or other soft, lengthy object for tagging).

Each student is given a noun to be his/her "name". You can use fruit, vegetables, anything you want as a theme. Students must memorize each other's new names in order to tag the right person when the noun is called out.

Round 1: The teacher calls out one of the noun's names and the person in the middle seeks out the person who has that noun in order to tag their knees with the object.

The person whose noun was called must call out another name before getting tagged or that person must go to the middle.

The person in the middle continues to seek out nouns that are called out until they tag a person before s/he calls out another name.

RULES: If a person calls out the name of the person who is in the middle, then that person automatically replaces the one in the middle.

If a person calls out a noun that isn't assigned to another student, s/he is automatically in the middle.

The teacher must start each round again by calling out a noun (as each new student takes his/her place in the middle).

I hope that is understandable, but it's a fun game that even my Language Arts students love to use with new vocabulary.

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