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differientiated instruction

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Differentiated Instruction or Differentiated Curriculum is adjusting your curriculum to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of students within your classroom. The main goal is to maximise each student's learning and growth and lead to greater success for each individual. 

Some ideas and tips are:

1. plan a written task, project task, or investigation task which all achieve the same thing and allow students to pick which one they prefer. 

2. Students can set learning goals and teacher can sit down down with each student as the start of the year and come up with a plan for meeting those learning goals- for example, the goal could be 'To do better in Math' and the plan could be 'always ask for help on concepts you don't understand', 'do 1/2 hour of practise fractions every friday' and 'complete extra work sheets on Algebra once a week'. This also allows the student to take ownership of their learning. Once or twice a semester sit down with the student and monitor how they are going with achieving their gooals. 

3. Students could complete a learning style quiz. you could categorize the students into which learning styles they are and then plan projects with parts that cater for all styles. Group projects where each student is allocated a part that fits with their strengths would be good ones. 

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