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Principal Works

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Last Updated on May 5, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 111

Le Mauvais sang [Bad Blood] (poetry) 1955
Feu de brousse [Brush Fire] (poetry) 1957
A triche-coeur [By Cheating the Heart] (poetry) 1958
Epitomé (poetry) 1962
Le Ventre [The Belly] (poetry) 1964
Légendes africaines [editor] (radio scripts) 1968
L'Arc musical [Bow Harp] (poetry) 1970
Selected Poems (poetry) 1970
Le Zulu (drama) 1976
La Veste d'Intérieur suivi de Notes de Veille (poetry) 1977
Vwène le fondateur (drama) 1977
Le Destin glorieux du Maréchel Nnikon Nniku, prince qu'on sort [Glorious Destiny of Marshal Nnikon Nniku] (drama) 1979
Les cancrelats [The Cockroaches] (novel) 1980
La main sèche [Dried Hand] (short stories) 1980
Les Méduses, ou les orties de mer [The Madman and the Mermaid] (novel) 1982
Ces fruits si doux de l'arbre à pain (novel) 1987

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