Tartuffe Overview Quiz

A charlatan comes to live with a wealthy French family. Be sure you understand what Tartuffe is up to, whom he can con and whom he is unable fool by taking the eNotes quiz over Tartuffe by Moliere.

  1. Why won't Tartuffe leave the house as ordered?

  2. What does Elmire ask Orgon to do, in order to prove her accusations about Tartuffe?

  3. What is Madame Pernelle’s chief complaint about the family?

  4. Which two characters suspect Tartuffe is a fraud from the beginning?

  5. How does Marianne react to her fathers demand?

  6. What does Dorine predict that Marianne will do to Tartuffe?

  7. Why is Damis so enraged at his father's plan for Marianne?

  8. What does Orgon demand of Marianne?

  9. On whom does Tartuffe develop a crush?

  10. What plan does Dorine devise for Marianne and Valère?