Tartuffe Summary and Analysis: Act V


Summary and Analysis: Act V

New Characters
Monsieur Loyal: A bailiff who has been sent by Tartuffe to serve the eviction notice.

The Officer: An agent of the Law sent by the king to make an arrest.


Scene I
Cléante and Orgon discuss Tartuffe’s threats. Orgon admits to having given Tartuffe papers that a friend, Argus, who fled the land, entrusted with him. The papers reveal a crime. Since Orgon did not turn these papers over to the Prince, he can be considered guilty of treason for his complicity. Orgon is now afraid that Tartuffe will use these papers against him.

Cléante is horrified that Orgon could behave so foolishly and admits that Tartuffe, with both the papers...

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