Tartuffe Summary and Analysis: Act III


Summary and Analysis: Act III

New Characters
Tartuffe: The pious fraud whom Orgon has befriended and sheltered.

Laurent: Tartuffe’s lackey.


Scene I
The impetuous Damis, enraged by his father’s plan—which will ruin his chance to wed Valère’s sister—vents frustration and wants to confront the “quack,” Tartuffe. Dorine dissuades him by convincing him that his mother, Elmire, should deal with Tartuffe. Dorine has observed that Tartuffe seems very devoted to Elmire; indeed, he may have a crush on her. This could work in the family’s favor.

Scene II
At last, the long-anticipated Tartuffe appears with his lackey in front of Dorine. As predicted, he...

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