Tartuffe Summary and Analysis: Act II


Summary and Analysis: Act II

New Characters
Valère: The man Mariane loves and wishes to marry.


Scene I
Orgon and Mariane are alone in the living room. First, Orgon has Mariane profess her allegiance to him, her father. Then he proclaims that she should “cheerfully obey” him. However, the conversation quickly takes an inauspicious turn as far as Mariane is concerned. Her father wants her to marry Tartuffe instead of Valère, the man she loves and to whom she is betrothed. Mariane, who is rather silent by nature, is caught off guard. She is horrified and, initially, thinks that she has misunderstood. However, her father makes it clear that he intends for her to wed Tartuffe. In the patriarchal...

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