Tar Baby Conclusion: Questions and Answers

Toni Morrison

Conclusion: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. For whom is Son looking in Queen of France?

2. Where does Son find the person he is looking for?

3. What had Son often looked at during the last several days?

4. What news does Gideon have for Son?

5. What upsets Son about Alma Estee’s appearance?

6. Why will Gideon not help Son find Jadine?

7. What advice does Therese give Son about Jadine?

8. How does Therese find the island?

9. Where on the island does Therese take Son? Why?

10. What does the term “lickety-split” mean?

1. In his search for Jade, he tries to find Therese and Gideon in Queen of France to help him get to the island.

2. Son finally finds Therese in the marketplace where she is selling smoked eels at a booth.

3. Son has looked at the photographs Jade took in Eloe. He thinks the people look “sad, poor, and even poor-spirited.”

4. Gideon tells Son that Alma has seen Jade at the airport, boarding a plane in the company of a blond man.

5. Son finds Alma’s russet-colored, ill-fitting wig disgusting.

6. Gideon thinks that Jade will bring no happiness to Son, eventually destroying him.

7. Therese tells Son to forget Jadine, who has lost her “ancient properties” and will never learn to accept and value her black heritage.

8. Therese, who is nearly blind, uses her knowledge of the area and the currents to find the island.

9. Therese takes Son to the far side of the island, a long way from L’Arbe de la Croix. There he must decide if he will continue his hopeless pursuit of Jade or join the mythical horsemen who ride endlessly across the mountainside, free and feared.

10. “Lickety-split” is an onomatopoeic word, one that duplicates its meaning in its sound. As we pronounce the word, we are duplicating the sound of horses running. The repeated phrase adds urgency and speed to the horses’ hoofbeats while it shows Son’s choice.