Tar Baby Chapter 7: Questions and Answers

Toni Morrison

Chapter 7: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Son use Jadine’s plane ticket to leave the island three days after Christmas?

2. What does Jade give Son as he prepared to leave?

3. What gift does Therese give Son before he left Queen of France?

4. What does Son call Jadine’s inner voice? Why?

5. Why does Jade describe New York as the power place for black women?

6. What financial success does Jade have in New York?

7. What financial success does Son have in New York?

8. Who is Nommo?

9. What does Son do when Jade hurts her toe?

10. What does Son tell Jadine about his war experiences? What does he omit?

1. Son uses Jadine’s plane ticket to leave the island because he might have trouble buying a ticket without a valid passport. Also, if Valerian turned Son in for breaking into his home, the police would be looking for him; therefore, he believes he should leave immediately.

2. Jadine gives Son $400 to take care of the hotel and other expenses until she arrives.

3. Therese gives Son a dirty black bag of good luck, probably a form of black magic, but Son throws it away.

4. Son calls Jadine’s inner voice “wind chimes,” silvery sounds indicating the fragility of the person. Son knew he would have to protect Jadine.

5. New York is the power place for black women since they can achieve there on equal scale with whites in business. The world of fashion offers great potential to someone like Jadine.

6. Jade earns $2,500 doing four modeling “walks” and a photo spread.

7. Son provides little toward his and Jadine’s financial needs. He works as a temporary truck loader and draws Gideon’s check for unemployment.

8. Nommo is a street girl of New York who is befriended by Son and Jade. She ends up stealing from them.

9. When Jade hurts her toe, Son tends it every half-hour through¬out the night. The next day, he leaves work to come home and care for her.

10. Son told Jadine what she expects to hear about his war experience. He does not tell the entire truth, though. For instance, he never mentions that he received a dishonorable discharge.