Introduction: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. The quotation from I Corinthians: 1:11 contains Morrison’s given name. What is it?

2. Why could the sailor not reach the shore near Queen of France?

3. Exactly where was the sailor trying to swim to at first?

4. Where does he swim instead?

5. What does he lose while swimming?

6. What are three odors the sailor notices in this reading?

7. Where does the sailor hide on the boat?

8. What does the sailor find to eat where he hides?

9. After the women leave the boat, where does the sailor go first? Why?

10. What are several sounds heard by the intruder?

1. Morrison’s given name was Chloe. She changed it to Toni when she was in college.

2. The sailor could not swim to Queen of France because the undertow was too strong, sucked him under, and carried him away from the shore.

3. The sailor was trying to reach a deserted pier beyond Queen of France.

4. He swims to a small boat, the Seabird II.

5. The sailor loses his shoes while swimming. They had been tied by shoestrings to his pants.

6. Three odors noticed by the sailor include the ammonia- scented air while he was swimming; the smell of curry, a cooking spice, aboard the Seabird II; and the citrus and oil smell within his hiding place.

7. The sailor hides in a storage closet on the boat.

8. In the closet, he finds a crate of miniature orange trees loaded with fruit.

9. After the women leave the boat, the intruder first goes to the galley because he is so hungry.

10. The sounds the sailor takes note of in this reading are the sounds of music playing, the crash of a bottle, voices of women talking and laughing, cloth rubbing against cloth, footsteps, and the engines of the boat and of the car at the pier.

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Chapter 1: Questions and Answers