Tar Baby Conclusion: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Conclusion: Summary and Analysis

Son arrives at Queen of France but is unable to find Gideon or Therese for several hours. He walks about the town and sits on the beach. Finally, he sees Therese selling smoked eel at a stall along the market street and chases off tourists with cameras who are surrounding her.

Delighted to see “Chocolate-eater” again, Therese closes up her stall and climbs the hill with him to reach her house. When Son asks if she has returned to L’Arbe de la Croix, Therese spits. She is, however, appreciative of the apple Son presents to her from his plane meal.

When Gideon arrives, he hugs the younger man. Son immediately asks about Jade, causing Gideon to angrily shout, “Let her go!” He will...

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