Tar Baby Chapter 7:Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 7:Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Dawn: Jadine’s friend who lets Jadine and Son stay in her New York apartment

Betty and Aisha: New York friends of Jadine

Nommo: street girl in New York; befriended by Son

The chapter opens without giving a clear time to the reader. Son has arrived in New York, having used Jadine’s ticket, since he might be questioned if he had a ticket in his own name. He also is carrying Gideon’s passport. Jadine has given him $400 to pay for his hotel and other expenses until she arrives in a few days.

As he rides in a taxi to the hotel, he sees a very different city from the New York of his past. He wonders about the absence of any children or...

(The entire section is 1783 words.)