Tar Baby Chapter 6: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 6: Summary and Analysis

Christmas Eve’s eve arrives, and the household is astir with preparations for the guests—Michael; his former teacher, B. J. Bridges; Bridges’s friend; and Dr. Michelin. Even the hydrangea blooms in the greenhouse. Valerian adds another traditional food item to Margaret’s meal plans: ollieballen, a Dutch pastry his Grandmother Stadt had prepared. Early that morning, Valerian and Margaret indulge in a bit of lovemaking, a definite departure from their usual behavior. Ondine is upset at Jadine’s apparent dalliance with Son, but Sydney assures her that Jadine is too sensible a girl to get seriously involved with a “swamp nigger.” The “crown” of Ondine’s life is her niece, and she thinks Son is...

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