Tar Baby Chapter 5: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 5: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Miss Tyler: Son’s piano teacher

Frisco: a man who had hired Son to clean fish

Drake, Soldier, and Ernie Paul: boyhood friends of Son

Cheyenne: Son’s former wife

Jadine tells Margaret about the laughter of Valerian and the intruder, after the intruder has forcefully held Jadine in his arms. The two, upset by Valerian’s acceptance of the intruder, consider leaving the island immediately, but the Christmas plans hold Margaret there. The date is already December 22, too late to make a change in Michael’s plans.

After Jadine had left her room in anger, the intruder showers in her bathroom and even dresses in her robe....

(The entire section is 2648 words.)