by Edward Bloor

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Why is the emergency relocation plan considered a miracle for Paul in Tangerine?

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The relocation plan was a godsend for Paul because it allows him to play soccer again.  Paul, a middle schooler, is a new student at a school in Florida and initially is not permitted to play soccer at his new school because of his disability (he is legally blind.)  When the family is forced to transfer to Tangerine, his mother agrees not to fill out the paperwork for his disability.  This affords Paul the opportunity to play the sport that he excels at.  It also allows the introverted middle schooler to feel that he has a sense of worth again.  Paul seems to live under the considerable shadow that has been cast by his older brother Erik who excels as a placekicker in football.  The move is also important for Paul because he meets new people and forges new friendships, giving him a sense of belonging that he has never experienced.

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