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by Edward Bloor

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What is the solution in the novel Tangerine?

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Paul is punished for his assault on Coach Warner, but he is given a second chance and enrolls in St. Anthony's. Erik and Arthur get caught and make restitution for their crimes. Paul tells the truth about what happened to Luis Cruz, and both families are able to move forward with their lives after the summer of the tangerines. It was interesting to see how Paul got expelled from Tangerine County Public Schools for his part in attacking Coach Warner, because it shows that a level four infraction carries this kind of punishment. It also shows that even though Paul admits his guilt and apologizes, he doesn't get off scot free. He is still punished by being forced to go to private school at St. Anthony's.

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The resolution of the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor ties up many loose ends and gives information on how the characters deal with the choices they've made in the novel.

Paul, the main character, gets expelled from all Tangerine County Public Schools for the remainder of the academic year. This is punishment for his assault on Coach Warner. He expected to be suspended for only three weeks, but his offense was considered a level four infraction, an assault on a staff member or board member, and the punishment for this is expulsion. His mother enrolls him in St. Anthony's private school, and he tells Tino he expects to be back next fall as a starter on the soccer team for Tangerine Public Schools.

Erik, Paul's older brother, along with his friend Arthur Bauer, is found to be responsible for the burglaries of the tented houses in Lake Windsor Downs. The crime is discovered when Paul's mom finds a gas mask and stolen items in their storage unit. Erik and Arthur's fathers get the victims together and promise restitution for the crimes. They ask victims to refrain from pressing charges and tell the victims the sheriff said it had to be a unanimous decision among the victims in order for charges not to be filed. The victims reluctantly agree. 

Arthur is arrested for the murder of Luis Cruz, and Paul finds the courage to tell the truth about the whole incident. Paul saw Arthur hit Luis in the head with a blackjack, a sock filled with lead. He heard Erik encourage him to do it, and heard Erik say afterward, "Arthur takes care of all of my light work."

Erik's dad, who had been completely caught up in "The Erik Fisher Football Dream," has turned his back on his son as he realizes his character is bad. Paul's mother's parents visit and tell his mom and dad that the reason Erik has turned out this way is because they never got him the help he needed when he was much younger after he hurt Paul's eyes. 

I looked back at Mom. She, at least, seemed worried about her firstborn son. Dad, on the other hand, seemed more like those friends who had abandoned Erik, who now regretted ever getting involved with him in the first place.

Tino tells Paul that Luis had been advertising his Golden Dawn tangerines in trade papers, and gets many orders from growers in Florida and other citrus-growing states.

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