by Edward Bloor

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What jobs did Paul Fisher have in Tangerine?

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Paul Fisher didn't have any official jobs-he's an eighth grader, so he wasn't working quite yet. However, to answer this question, here are some of his roles in the community: 

Student: Paul is characterized as a good student. He works hard on the science project at Tangerine Middle School, and he seems much more excited about the lessons at Lake Windsor Downs than the other students. 

Goalie: Paul plays goalie for the Tangerine Soccer Team. He's not the best-that's Shandria Thomas's role, but he plays a small role in Tangerine's epic wins. 

Tangerine Grover Helper: Paul helps Luis Cruz save his tangerine trees from the frost. He sacrifices his free time and safety to help his friends. This is probably Paul's most official job, though it only lasts for a night!

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