The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

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Act V, Scene 1 and 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Gremio present in this scene?

2. Where is Tranio’s father from?

3. Why does Vincentio think that Lucentio has wasted his fortune while in Padua?

4. Why does Vincentio accuse Tranio of murdering Lucentio?

5. Why is Gremio eager to defend Vincentio?

6. Why does Tranio call for a constable?

7. Who finally gives away Lucentio’s scheme to marry Bianca privately?

8. How much time has passed since Petruchio and Kate were married?

9. How much money has Baptista lost on account of Petruchio’s bet with the husbands?

10. According to Kate, why should women obey their husbands?

1. He is apparently eavesdropping on Cambio, his rival.

2. Being a sailmaker in Bergamo, Tranio’s father is presumably from there.

3. Since Tranio is dressed up beyond the station of a servant, Vincentio thinks that Lucentio has spent money on him.

4. Once Tranio claims that he himself is Lucentio, the only logical possibility that occurs to Vincentio is that Tranio has killed his master.

5. Tranio (as...

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