The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

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Act I, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why has Petruchio come to Padua?

2. Why does Petruchio box Grumio’s ears?

3. Whose house does Petruchio enter?

4. What does Hortensio suggest to Petruchio?

5. With whom does Gremio conspire to achieve Bianca?

6. What is Gremio’s attitude toward Petruchio’s attempt to marry Kate?

7. What does Grumio mean when he says that Petruchio will disfigure Kate so that she will not be able to see?

8. Why does Tranio appear at Hortensio’s home?

9. What is Lucentio doing in the meantime?

10. Why does Tranio go along with the men’s scheme?

1. Petruchio arrives in Padua partly to visit friends but mainly to find a wealthy wife.

2. Grumio incurs Petruchio’s wrath when he does not knock on the door for him as a servant should for his master.

3. Petruchio enters Hortensio’s home.

4. Hortensio mentions the wealthy dowry of Katharina, and...

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