illustration of Kate and Petruchio standing and staring at one another

The Taming of the Shrew

by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scene 5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What time of day is it when Petruchio declares that the moon shines bright?

2. Whom do Kate and Petruchio encounter on their journey?

3. How does Kate give in to Petruchio?

4. Why is Vincentio headed to Padua?

5. To what does Petruchio refer when he mentions being crossed?

6. How does Petruchio greet Vincentio?

7. How does Kate earn Petruchio’s favor when meeting Vincentio?

8. How does Vincentio respond to their games with him?

9. Why is Hortensio with Kate and Petruchio?

10. What does Hortensio plan to do when he returns to Padua?

1. It is daytime.

2. They meet Lucentio’s real father, Vincentio.

3. Kate reports what Petruchio says to be true, although it is notably false. She later performs according to his will in front of Vincentio.

4. Vincentio wishes to visit with his son, whom he has not seen in a long while.

5. He alludes to Kate’s practice of contradicting him when he lies or is otherwise testing her patience.

6. He greets Vincentio in an exaggeratedly cordial way and also refers to Vincentio as a woman.

7. Kate greets Vincentio as a woman, following Petruchio’s lead. She then apologizes for her behavior when Petruchio contradicts her for mistaking Vincentio as a woman.

8. Vincentio is notably confused. He refuses to believe Petruchio when he later claims that Vincentio is his kinsman by Lucentio’s marriage to Bianca.

9. Hortensio admits at the end of this scene that he has been watching Petruchio’s skill at taming women.

10. He is eager to test his taming tricks on a wealthy widow after she agrees to marry him.

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