Suggested Essay Ideas

The Induction, Scene 1
1. Class differences are displayed in the opening scene of the Induction. Describe the differences between the Lord and Christopher Sly in regard to their behavior, speech, and their expectations of one another.

2. The differences between men and women are, illustrated by the fight between Sly and the Hostess, and referred to by the Lord’s comment about a woman’s ability to cry. Compare these two scenes and discuss how women and men are shown here to be similar and/or different. You will need to consider whether the claim that women can cry on com¬mand is true.

The Induction, Scene 2
1. Explain Sly’s change of heart to accept his new identity as a gentleman. What has brought this change about? What was his attitude toward being a gentleman before and after this turnaround?

2. Describe the sexual tension when Sly asks for his wife to join him in bed. Why must Bartholomew refuse Sly?

3. Consider how Shakespeare forces his audience to speculate about the naturalness of a person’s attraction to the opposite sex. How does Shakespeare suggest that this attraction might actually be conventional (that is, socially patterned) as well as (or instead of) naturally inclined?

Act I, Scene 1
1. Many critics question whether Katharina deserves her
reputation as a shrew. Compare the remarks made by Gremio, “shrew,” a “fiend of hell” and so on.

2. Bianca utters a mere four lines in this scene (ll. 80-83). Characterize the import of her words here, and compare her attitude with that of her older sister.

3. Biondello immediately recognizes his master despite the disguise. But Lucentio thinks that the citizens of Padua will take him for a schoolmaster and Tranio for a merchant’s son if they simply dress up as those persons. How does this kind of role-switching compare with that of the gendered role reversal performed by the page in the Induction? How would each instance of role change be tolerated in modern society?

Act I, Scene 2
1. Only Petruchio plans to woo a woman openly while Gremio, Hortensio and Lucentio contrive schemes to gain access to Bianca. Compare the plans of each suitor and decide whose is the most clever and whose the most...

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