The Taming of the Shrew Act I, Scene 1 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act I, Scene 1 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Katharina: the shrew who rejects suitors

Bianca: Katharina’s beautiful younger sister who cannot marry until a man weds Katharina

Lucentio: a young man who wants to marry Bianca

Baptista: the wealthy father of Katharina and Bianca

Gremio and Hortensio: suitors to Bianca

Tranio: Lucentio’s servant who disguises himself as his master

Biondello: young servant to Lucentio

Lucentio, a wealthy young man, arrives in Padua, a city famous in Shakespeare’s time for its university. He has come with his servant, Tranio, from Pisa, supposedly renowned for its “grave citizens.” Lucentio mentions that his...

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